Pay attention to time - Teacher

Set classroom boundaries for screens and uphold them.

Questions for you to consider this month:

  1. Is the balance of on and off screen engagement in your classroom what you want it to be?

  2. Are your devices (out of the classroom) feeding you or draining you?

  3. How do you role model a healthy relationship with screens for your students?

Resources for the classroom, and life...

One minute challenge

Have the entire group stand up. Instruct them to sit down when they think one minute has passed. There will be those who sit down very early and very late. Discuss the various methods everyone used to count or pass the time. Did they silently count? Were they influenced by others’ interpretations of one minute? Consider collecting their phones and repeating the same exercise? Was there any difference?

The CASEL SEL skill we develop for students when paying attention to time is Self-Management